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Talit and Torah

Adult Education

Join our community of learners from beginner to expert. All are welcome. Torah study is part of our Adult Education series. No knowledge of Hebrew is required.  We gather every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm (currently virtually on zoom) to study and discuss each weekly reading. 


This year, we are studying the weekly section from the Prophets called the “Haftarah”. The origin of haftarah reading is lost to history, and several theories have been proposed to explain its role in Jewish practice, suggesting it arose in response to the persecution of the Jews under Antiochus Epiphanes which preceded the Maccabean revolt, wherein Torah reading was prohibited.  Another theory is that it was instituted after the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in which the synagogue Torah scrolls were destroyed, ruined, or just forbidden to be read. It was forbidden to read the Torah portion in public, but there was no such requirement about a reading from Prophets, which was then "substituted as a temporary expedient and then remained."  


Come join us!

Contact the temple office at 704-987-9980 for the Zoom link

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