Prayers & Songs

Prayers for Shabbat Morning

 Modeh Ani (Thanks to God for waking up in the morning)

 Blessing for the Tallit* 
 Mah Tovu 
 Asher Yatzar (For the functioning of our bodies)
 Nisim B’chol Yom – All in Hebrew (Daily Blessings)
      –For Awakening
      –For Vision
      –For The Ability to Stretch
      –For Rising to the New Day
      –For Firm Earth to Stand Upon
      –For the Gift of Motion
      –For Clothing the Body
      –For Renewed Enthusiasm for Life
      –For Reawakening
      –For Being in the Image of God
      –For Being a Free Person (male)
      –For Being a Free Person (female)
      –For Being a Jew
      –For Purpose
      –For Harmony

 The Blessing for Engaging with words of Torah
 Eliu D'varim - Our Obligations

 Baruch She-amar - Blessed is the one Who Spoke

 Chatzi Kaddish

 Barchu* – Call To Prayer Version 1
 Barchu* – Call To Prayer Version 2
 Yotzer – Creator of All Heavenly Lights
 Ahavah Rabbah – God’s Abundant Love
 Shema* – Hear O Israel
 V’Ahavta* – You Shall Love Adonai Your God Mi Chamocha* – Who Is Like You?
 Adonai sifatai*
 Avot vimahot*
 K’dushah – Let us Sanctify Your Name
 Sim Shalom (version 1) – Grant Peace
 Sim Shalom (version 2) – Grant Peace
 Yihiyu L'ratzon - May the Words

 Oseh Shalom version 1         version 2              version 3

 Ein Kamocha

 Av Harachamim

 Ki MItzion

 Baruch Shenatan

 Gadlu LaAdonai Iti

 L'cha Adonai

 Al Slosha

 Blesssing Before the Reading of Torah

 Blessing After the Reading of Torah

 Mi Shebeirach - Prayer for Healing

 Blessing before Haftarah

 Blessing after Haftarah


 Ki Lakach Tov



 Mourner's Kaddish

*BM – Prayers bar/bat mitzvah students should strive to know