How do we declare God's Praise?

This past Shabbat we explored the opening line to the Amidah section of the prayer service. Each one of us enters our sanctuary with a different need. Our spiritual/emotional need creates the meaning.

There are those among us who have experienced great loss in recent months. Adonai, how can we open up our mouths and declare Your praise when our world is darkened. How, God, could you allow for such pain and loss enter my life? Adonai sifatai.... becomes a question for a God who we might perceive as absent.

Others have experienced great joy, and therefore Adonai Sifatai Tiftach becomes a joyful expression of gratitude for the blessings in our life.

And for most, we experience blessings and challenges. The mish-mash that is the sacred messiness of life swirls inside of us as we seek meaning in our lives.

May we find greater shalom as we navigate the sacred messiness of our life.

Wishing all a healing and peace as we ready ourselves to welcome Shabbat.

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