Take me out to the Seder... (Virtually)

Oy, the 11th plague...another virtual seder. 

Join Temple Kol Tikvah for our 'virtual' congregational Seder on Sunday, March 28th. The festivities begin at 6pm and will take place in our virtual world on ZOOM.  There will be signing and reading and Rabbi will be asking for volunteers to read sections of the Haggadah we will use.  And there might even be some musical solo's...Not the Rabbi. 


Zoom ID: 898 1230 5698

password: Freedom

                                                                                                               click to join

If you would like to make this year more meaningful you can also order your Seder meal and Haggadah

 Cost:  $54 for members (serves 4)           $72 for non-members (serves 4)

 catering by Karen Malar

 Choice1: Roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, vegetables and all the seder foods except wine/juice

 Choice2: (Vegan) - Ratatouille with quinoa, roasted potatoes, vegetables and all of the seder food except wine/juice. 



you will receive food for four (4) and four copies of the Haggadah.