Other Events 2

The school year is filled with different events to provide the students with the full panorama of Jewish life. This is one of the goals in connecting to being Jewish and creating a Jewish identity.

American Hebrew Academy


A representative of the AHA visited us to present this wonderful Jewish highschool to any who might be interested. Even if for many such a boarding school is unrealistic, it did provide a platform to show how many things are offered to Jewish children in this country.

Camp Coleman


We had a lively presentation for Camp Coleman showing the students all the fun learning experiences that can have at camp. Many of the children asked questions and were excited to hear of the different opportunities.

Madrichim - The Butterfly Project

This year the Madrichim and 7th grade visited the Butterfly Project at Shalom Park as a field trip for Yom Hashoah. The students found the trip so valuable that many have asked to make it an annual event.

Madrichim - Greenscreen


The madrichim spend the first half of the year filming their projects using the greenscreen. They produced video clips that not only entertained all the students who watched this in assembly, but also taught them about various Jewish holidays and other topics.

Impressions of Assembly

The assemblies are filled with either traditional Israeli songs, prayers to different tunes or even short plays put on by students. It is here where the whole school gathers every week to connect as one community. Parents often join the assembly and enjoy the togetherness with their children.

Impressions of Classrooms

The classrooms are filled with the arts and crafts the students made during the year and the walls have cards stuck on them of many of the main Hebrew words that the students learned throughout the year.  This way students can learn the Hebrew words that are central to prayer or Torah very easily.