Other Events

The school year is filled with different events to provide the students with the full panorama of Jewish life. This is one of the goals in connecting to being Jewish and creating a Jewish identity.

Jewish Baking

Many of  the Jewish holidays were punctuated with a baking activity led by Karen Malar. She looked for wonderful recipes to teach the students the art of Jewish cooking or baking for that particular festival. Many of them learned to bake Hamantaschen or make different kinds of Haroset for the seder plate for the first time.


Maddy Lippy, a visiting college student who had just been on birthright, put together a presentation to share the experience of her trip. She even inspired a couple of second graders to make this a goal in their life.

Debby Block

Debby visited us on Sukkot and on Pesach to teach our Pre K and K/1 students through storytelling and  wonderful puppet shows about these festivals. This was one of the highlights for the younger grades.

Grade Shabbats

This year each grade had their own grade Shabbat. Julia  Schmidt, the principal, led a fun and educational service with each class from 2nd to 5th grade. The students in these grades had their own service with their parents before the main service and had the chance to learn about  why we sing what we sing while participating in their service. Pre-K and K/1 had a small Challah bake for their grade Shabbat with lots of singing.

The 6th graders led the entire main service under the leadership of their teachers Arlene and Rachel Filkoff and Illana Hyman (the tutor)

The 7th graders and the Madrichim end the school year with a combined grade Shabbat service.

ISJL Fellow

Gabi Cohn, our fellow for this past school year, visited us in fall and spring and provided the students with interesting and fun-filled lessons.

Jane Larkin

The Jewish Council brought Jane Larkin to our Religious School to speak with parents about Interfaith Families. Her talk was exceptionally well attended and she reached many of our school’s parents who are dealing with this topic.