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The Kol Tikvah community gathers for an oneg (light meal, literally “delight” in Hebrew) after every Friday night service except on the 1st Friday. It is traditional to sponsor an oneg to commemorate a yahrzeit, mark a special event such as a birth, baby-naming, wedding, anniversary, or graduation or celebrate a joyous occasion such as a return to health or a new job. By gathering to chat and nosh after the service, we add to the joy of the Shabbat.


To sponsor an oneg, please visit our online signup calendar 




The oneg is a simple buffet—remember, it’s a nosh, not a full meal. You decide what you’d like to serve—be as creative as you like! Popular offerings include crackers, cheeses, crudités, nuts, dried fruit, hummus, fresh cut fruit, cookies, brownies, and cake. It’s always thoughtful to provide and label gluten-free crackers and vegan dishes for those who have allergies.

We welcome both homemade and purchased food.

We usually have between 20-40 people at a service. If you are planning to have numerous guests at your event (such as a bar/ bat mitzvah or baby naming), please increase quantities accordingly.

The kitchen is stocked with serving trays and utensils, as well as plates, bowls, cups and silverware.  We ask that you stay after the oneg to wrap up any leftovers and help tidy up by washing all items and putting them away where they were found.


Dietary Rules:

TKT maintains a dairy kitchen, which means that no meat may be served in the synagogue. Fish (no shellfish) and eggs are parve and thus allowed. Remember to check ingredients for lard and other non-kosher or meat-derived substances.

If you have any questions about the Oneg, please contact Marcia Lebold at 704- 807-4268 or